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Our website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
I hope everyone is enjoying this cooler weather! I wanted to introduce everyone to a new Community Association Manager we have hired to be a dedicated CAM for Regatta Bay.  We feel like with the many projects and improvements we are planning for the Regatta Bay Community we wanted to have a fulltime dedicated CAM available to the owners of Regatta Bay.  I will be working closely with Gary Pittman to ensure Regatta Bay gets the best service and remains the number one place in Destin to call home!
Gary Pittman is the dedicated CAM.  His phone number is 850-687-4161  Gary’s email is gpittman@pmainfo.com
We are in the process of getting bids for-shading for the pool area by adding roofs to the open roof ends currently at the pool on each end of the trellis, a pickleball viewing area with benches, painting of all of the monument signs, redesign and landscape of the entrance, and adding some new pool furniture.
The tennis court wind screens are now up and we are having the new lock installed.
The new security company has started with providing guards for the gate and have sent their tech team over to analyze the gate systems
For the owners on Ketch Court we met with the Board of Directors of Calusa Bay this week. We are now getting prices for an aerator for the lake behind the homes on Ketch Court and repair of the bridge at the Ketch Court gate.  We are pleased with the negotiations with Calusa Bay and anticipate both of these items will be completed before year’s end.
The Regatta Bay Yacht and Golf Club has worked with Destin Health and Fitness to provide special membership rates for owners in Regatta Bay.  It is a great time to take advantage of this offer and join today!  Attached is a flyer with the Regatta Bay Owners Membership Rates.  Please reach out to Mike Giammaresi or Courtney King at the Regatta Bay Yacht and Golf Club to help get your new membership set up.  I have included their email addresses below.  You may also reach them by calling the club at 850-337-8080. 

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I was advised that the trash pick up days for Regatta Bay were changed.  I am sure most of you know that but just to clarify from the email yesterday the trash pick-up days are:
Waste Management pickup days have been changed to Tuesday and Friday with lawn debris on Friday. 
Another reminder, when not out for trash pick-up the trash containers should not be able to be seen from the street.  Thank-you, Anita
Below are a few reminders for what we find are the most frequent violations to the Rules and Regulations that help keep Regatta Bay a beautiful place to live.  We would appreciate everyone taking a moment to read and help us help you keep Regatta Bay a wonderful community to call home for all.  Thank-you, Anita
Ø    PETS              Pets are allowed in the community.  Resident may allow pets to remain in a fenced yard.  However, at no time are animals allowed outside a property without a leash.  You are required to clean up after your pet and dispose of refuse appropriately.  No pets are allowed in the pool or in the pool enclosure area.  Walk your animal in the street or on the sidewalk, not on your neighbor’s grass.  Pet refuse may not be allowed to accumulate to the degree that an objectionable odor can be detected, even on your own property.  Control your animal; outside barking dogs will not be tolerated.
Ø    TRASH PICK UP       Trash containers are provided by Waste Management and each home must use the receptacles for trash pickup.  Containers must be taken to the curb, no earlier than Friday and Tuesday evenings for pick-up on Saturday and Wednesday mornings. Yard debris pickup and recycling are scheduled for Friday.  Yard debris may not be placed on common areas, vacant lots or right of ways. In an effort to control this type of behavior, Okaloosa Code Enforcement will be contacted to investigate any form of dumping.  A fine may apply. “Please keep trash containers shielded from view from the street when not out for pick up.” 
Ø    VEHICLES                  All vehicular traffic must abide by posted speed limits and stop signs. Only passenger cars and light trucks are allowed to be parked within the complex.  No motor homes, buses, RV’s, or large trailers are to be occupied or stored within the complex.  No types of off-road vehicles are to be operated within the community.  Vehicles with loud pipes or exhaust systems shall not be allowed to operate.  Parking within the complex, is regulated; all vehicles should be parked in garages or on individual property driveways.  No major vehicle repairs are allowed.  No vehicles may be left on the street, overnight and must be parked in front of the home you are visiting.  No parking on the grass is allowed anywhere in the complex.  This includes residents, guests and visitors. Our streets are narrow and illegal parking would constrict traffic and impede the passage of fire or emergency vehicles.  Your vehicle may be towed or ticketed. Bicycles, light duty motorized scooters, and electric vehicles are permitted but must be operated safely.  No one under the age of sixteen (16) shall operate a golf cart, motorbike or ATV on the roads, common areas, or golf course, without an adult (21 years of age) present in or on the vehicle and must be properly insured for damage to common area or personal property.
Brightview and Turf Care have been working diligently on getting the irrigation system back up to full operating order.  They are aware that the Sailmaker area in particular had many issues with getting water to those homes.  Jaaron, Ben and John have replaced some of the components that send information out to the system which as of yesterday they did have Sailmaker back up and running.  We have found that some owners due to frustration are opening valves near their home and watering manually.  When that occurs it causes other areas of the system to fail.  Please do not do that.  We understand your frustration and are continuing to try and improve the system.  If you are having issues getting water to your home please send me an email with your name, your address and what the issue is.  I can then send that directly to the person that would be responsible for working on that issue.  Thanks, Anita

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