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Dear Regatta Bay owner,
I would like to update everyone with a couple of highlights from the budget meeting held yesterday. 
The board voted to extend the current 2017 budget until an updated Reserve Study is completed.  The updated Reserve Study will be completed in the first quarter of 2018.  Once the board has reviewed the updated Reserve Study and is better able to assess the needs of Regatta Bay a 2018 budget will be done and distributed to the ownership.  At that time a budget meeting will be announced for the ownership to participate with any suggestions and comments.
For those owners that chose to have Florida Select do their homes you will see that billing on your first quarter invoice.  The charge that will be on the invoice is the direct charge from Florida Select for their service provided to you.
The board agreed to engage in a contract with Gulf Power to upgrade 59 street lights to LED lighting.  Once this lighting upgrade is completed we will be able to identify other areas in the community that remain dark and proceed with a plan to add additional lighting.  The board committed to sign the Gulf Power contract within the next 10 days.  Gulf Power will advise us of a start date once they procure the materials and schedule the work.  We anticipate the project should be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2018, ideally before that.  I will communicate the set start date of the project when we have that from Gulf Power.
Some owners suggested Regatta Bay should consider going back to having Advisory Committees.  We would be happy to support and facilitate that.  Each neighborhood could have an Advisory Committee that works with some already established committees.  Since we are new to Regatta Bay we are not sure of what committees are currently established and who is on those committees.  I would appreciate if I could get the following information:
If you are currently on a committee, which committee and your contact information.
If you would like to serve on a current committee or lead your neighborhood in establishing or working on an Advisory Committee please let me know.
The mailbox painting project has started.  For those that requested an exemption due to a new or recently painted mailbox, I have communicated with those owners on the exemption status.  The $55.00 charge will show on the 2nd quarter statements since the project is not scheduled to be complete for several weeks yet.
We are looking forward to continuing to support the beautiful community of Regatta Bay and a positive 2018!
Best regards,
Anita R. Hogue


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